Offer employment opportunities

Only 5.9% of people with a learning disability have a part or full time job. Work with us to change that.

Transforming people’s lives

Internships and work experience are often the perfect stepping-stone for someone with a learning disability towards paid employment. They get to experience the world of work, build their confidence and develop their skills. Offering someone an opportunity to work can transform their life.

How can you benefit?

  • Get PR opportunities
  • Build relationships within teams
  • Give employees a sense of fulfilment and motivation
  • Increase the diversity of your workforce
  • Free up employees’ time from tasks for which they are overqualified
  • People with learning disabilities have a lot to gain from the experience and tend to be willing and committed workers

What support will you get?

  • We’ll provide free disability awareness training to you and your team.
  • The people who come to you will have had training in how to act in the workplace.
  • Job coaches will liaise with you and continue to support each person through their work placement or internship.

Organisations providing employment opportunities

Hilton Hotels: an intensive year-long programme incorporating on-the-job and classroom based learning with a focus on employment for young people with disabilities. 75% of the young adults who graduate gain employment of no less than 16 hours per week and are paid the adult minimum wage or more.

ACER: ACER provides work experience to people with learning disabilities. The five trainees work two shifts a week and have set tasks. They gain workplace skills and learn tasks relating to the IT world.

Gurnell Leisure Centre: Gurnell has offered two work experience placements to people from Ealing Mencap. One of these has now  become a paid employee.

Other employers who have provided work placements include: British Land, West Ealing Library and Boots.

Project SEARCH T5 - Ealing Mencap

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