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We work in partnership with local councils offering services for adults and children with learning disabilities.

We work in partnership with local councils offering services for adults and children with learning disabilities, and strategic advice. We want to enable each individual to live as independently as they can.

Where we work

Ealing Mencap has been at the heart of Ealing Borough Council’s support service for people with learning disabilities for over 30 years. More recently, we’ve been commissioned  to deliver services for Hounslow, Hillingdon and Slough Local Authorities too. We have the expertise and capability to work in any borough in the UK.

What we offer

We offer people with learning disabilities the support they need today and a productive future in their communities. Helping them make friends, develop skills and find jobs so that they can be active citizens. Take a look at the services area of our website to find out more.

Benefits of working with us

  • Our services put individuals and their families first to enable people to achieve their ambitions and chosen outcomes
  • Exceptional expertise and knowledge in the area of learning disabilities
  • A real understanding of your regulations, ways of working and limited budgets
  • Continuity through a loyal staff
  • Diversity and broad cultural understanding

Areas of expertise

  • Equality – for example, developing and running workshops
  • Setting up and operating a travel training service
  • Setting up employment training and work opportunities
  • Leading consortia of charities to deliver services jointly

Case study

Working with Ealing Local Authority: inclusion and influencing

  • We help Ealing Local Authority understand what is needed by young people and adults with learning disabilities to help them access services and be part of the local community. An important part of this is continually listening to and working with people and their families.
  • We support Ealing Local Authority in identifying strategic and operational changes that can be made as a result of this work.
  • We develop policies and procedures using our specialist knowledge of the law and best practice relating to supporting people with learning disabilities to have full equality.
  • We work with the Local Authority and other groups to make sure the right information and support is available to all in Ealing.
Ealing Mencap - Employment training and jobs

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