Ealing Mencap is a charity working in North West London to offer person-centred support, advice, and opportunities for people with learning disabilities, as well as their familes and carers. We have a wide range of services, and through partnership working we also support people with other kinds of disability.  

We are a local group that is affiliated to the national Mencap, but we are independently run and funded.  Ealing Mencap has existed for more than 50 years, founded originally by a committed group of local parents and carers in 1965. For many years, social clubs and other services were run on a voluntary basis until the late 1980s, as the focus shifted towards local charities employing staff to deliver services to a professional standard.

The years since then have seen steady growth in the overall number and diversity of services that Ealing Mencap offers, with our priorities to improve people’s quality of life, campaign, enable participation, and give people a voice, at the heart of all that we do.

Reaching Our Potential

In 2017 we launched our three year strategy plan Reaching Our Potential, which outlines our vision, mission and values.  After consultation with our staff, our customers and carers, we are confident that the plan gives us a clear direction to offer the best possible support to anyone who comes to Ealing Mencap.  You can read the full version of Reaching Our Potential by clicking here.  Our vision, mission and values are outlined below.


Our Vision

Everyone we support will have the opportunity in life to reach their potential.

Our Mission

We campaign for people’s rights, create opportunities, showcase our customers’ talents and skills, and break down barriers to overcome isolation and change lives. 

Our Values

  • We are Brave - we have the courage to demand better for our customers, be open to new ideas, and stand up to inequality wherever we see it.
  • We are Innovative - we take a "can-do" approach, offering person-centred support in a flexible way, and be forward thinking to ensure our services are the best they can be.
  • We are Approachable - we will be there to listen to our customers and partners, and welcome new opportunties for collaborations and partnership work.
  • We are Respectful - we will value the contributions of every one of our customers and staff, thriving on the different viewpoints and ideas that diversity offers.