Charity partnerships

Partner with us and everyone’s resources will go further.

Partner with us and everyone’s resources will go further. Together, we’ll be able to provide better services and opportunities for people with learning disabilities.

Working together

Limited resources make it all the more important that local charities work efficiently together rather than in competition. That way, we can provide the very best for people with learning disabilities.

Our charity partnerships

Ealing Advice Service (EAS): we lead a consortium of 11 charities to deliver EAS, sharing our expertise to give everyone the very best advice for their situation.

GLL (Better): GLL (Better) is the largest UK-based charitable social enterprise delivering leisure, health and community services. They run weekly adult and junior sessions gym/swimming sessions for Ealing Mencap. And occasional physical activity sessions for adults at Enterprise Lodge.

Media Trust: a charity that works in partnership with the media and creative industry to give marginalised groups a stronger voice and more equal opportunities. They are currently working with the BBC, with Ealing Mencap providing expertise on people with learning disabilities. In return they have provided volunteers with video editing skills.

ActionSpace: a charity with a space where local people can use their talents to express themselves. Events include art exhibitions and art workshops. We run joint events with ActionSpace.

IMPACT: a charity dedicated to promoting a positive image of disability. They help people develop communication skills and build self-confidence by participating in performing and creative arts. We run joint events with IMPACT.

Heathrow Community Fund: part of an independent charity set up by Heathrow’s owners to support communities close to the airport. They gave us a grant of £5,000 to buy new laptops for Project Search, an internship programme for young people with learning disabilities that is based at the Hilton Hotel T5.  

Ealing Adult Learning (EAL): offers courses to people with learning disabilities in subjects such as maths, English, arts and crafts and gardening. 

Ealing Parent Carer Forum: with joint aims we work together to change the lives of people with additional needs living in Ealing. We also arrange joint events.

Contact Ealing: provides support, advice and information for families with disabled children, no matter what their condition or disability.

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