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Summer fun ahead!

Range of Summer activities and outings for young people aged 14 - 18 announced.




Introducing... The Show Room

Introducing... The Show Room

Ealing Mencap has opened the doors to brand news community focused shop and employment...

Want to Work With Us?

Want to Work With Us?

Great opportunities for anyone with the passion and drive to help change the lives of people with...

No Change Too Small

No Change Too Small

Find out about our new fundraising campaign - and how you can help.

  • Introducing... The Show Room

  • Want to Work With Us?

  • No Change Too Small



Ealing Mencap represents the interests of people with learning disabilities and their carers within the London borough of Ealing.


We want to be one of the lead learning disability organisations in Ealing that campaigns for people’s rights, creates opportunities, showcases our customers’ talents and skills, breaks down barriers, overcomes isolation and changes lives


We are a voluntary organisation which successfully combines committed  volunteers and paid staff. We run a range of projects to help people  with learning disabilities and their carers.